Okay lets just be honest here. We all hate holidays to a certain extent it either has to much hype that comes with it. What if there was the perfect holiday where you didn’t have to buy anyone anything or worry about impressing someone for a certain reaction and for the satisfaction of knowing you pleased that one person. The holiday that should be created is what I like to call “The Change Day” in this holiday you will experience a totally different people. Everything from the attitudes from others to the way you are perceived yourself by others. Nothing will matter on this day; It in a sense will be like an armistice because they will set aside their differences and beliefs to enjoy one day of peace. Let’s get one thing straight here without peace we would all loose our minds; and I’m sure most of are thinking right now that we have already lost our minds. Peace is something that seems almost irrelevant to the world. Think about it though, would you not enjoy the sounds of birds chirping and the breeze blowing without having to worry about a bomb going off or a news report about someone getting killed? This is not a holiday for giving physical objects but a holiday for giving the gift of nothing but satisfaction among the human race.


Where did it go?

My creative flow has really sucked today… Normally it’s all good and crazy just popping up in my head one thing after another, maybe not all kinds of unicorns and cyclops or anything but worlds are being created in this head. Sadly I think it ended. Time to catch some shut eye and see if I can bring it back to life!


Something about it just always seems to amaze me. Although, there is the fact that I am still just me… One thing a summer should not consist of is being alone. But what the hey, make the best out of everything no matter what happens