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So it begins…

My recent venture started with my career taking off and of course needing some training… Let me back up and give you all some details first. I went from the second grade on wanting to become a police officer, it was the only thing I have ever wanted to be. I was a very diplomatic person who strayed from conflict and would rather talk people down and go the alternative route when doing things. All through High School my goals varied a little but never far from Law Enforcement, just different sorts of it. I was thinking about the Military Police at one point and then changed my mind due to some wise thinking. Went to college and was going to pursue the state police and also changed my mind.

I ended up applying to several different departments around the state of Kentucky and tested for them, got through to a few and took the position at my hometown police department. I rode along with them for a whopping six months before I was actually hired and sworn in. It definitely was an eye opener on the things they dealt with on a daily basis. I enjoyed it though, the thrills and laughter all the same to them it was just another day with different scenarios they were ready to deal with.

March of this year came around and I became an Police Officer. Upon doing so I had some Field training that I had to complete and then I was released into the wild of the community to deal with the problems that came my way. I was assigned an Academy date right off and was dreading that day like the plague. I’m not one for much change, especially one of such drastic measures. August 27th, 2017 I started my journey in the Police Academy. This week makes week number nine out of the 23weeks I will be here, and time seems to pass by 10 times slower here through the week than it ever has back home or anywhere else for that matter. This place has it’s ups and downs for sure, I’m still trying to figure this place out honestly but I just seem like It’s an all men for themselves kind of place right now… no one has really seemed to come together at the moment.

That’s all I have to say for now so from here at the police academy I want to invite you to stick around and walk through this journey with me. I’ll try my best to keep you guys updated with many stories and ventures during my time here. Until next time be safe out there.


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